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Sometimes individuals that are facing criminal charges will enter a plea of guilty in exchange for being charged with a lesser crime. In certain situation, a person may wish to withdraw their initial plea when certain conditions are met. Having a plea “set aside” will enable a person to apply for an expungement, Certificate of Rehabilitation, or pardon which could possible clear your criminal record and reinstate your good name and reputation. Withdrawing a guilty plea is possible in certain situations.

One of the situations that could warrant setting aside a guilty plea might be the fulfillment of a probation condition. Probation could be defined as having a jail sentence and fines suspended pending the completion of certain obligations. Such obligations might include successfully completing rehabilitation for anger, drugs and alcohol, or other therapy, successfully completing a period of drug testing or the avoidance of others known to engage in criminal activity. Other conditions that may have to be met include the payment of any restitution to victims, any court fees, or any fines that have been levied. You may have successfully completed a period of reporting to a parole officer, had your residence randomly searched, or been prohibited from purchasing a firearm for a period of time.

Even though setting aside a plea is usually in your best interest, your guilty plea or verdict is still considered a conviction and must be disclosed if you are running for public office, contracting with the California State Lottery or are pursuing an occupational licence.
The terms and conditions of your plea arrangement differ for every person.

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