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Child support payments in Michigan are governed by a strict formula contained in the Michigan Child Support Manual. The computation of the payments takes into account the income of both spouses, the number of children involved, and other support obligations like paying for a personal life insurance or a health insurance policy. The amount of child support that a person is required to pay is calculated without regard to their current expenses. It is presumed that child support payments will take a top priority when a person sits down to write checks at the end of the month.
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Child support payments are separate from child custody arrangements. Even if you have joint custody you still could be required to make child support payments. It is common for the party that has sole custody of the children to also receive monthly child support payments. A person can be required to pay child support even if there are limited visitation rights permitted. In addition, if the spouse who is receiving child support payments remarries, the new arrangement will have no effect and the child support payments will remain intact unless there is a change in their net income due to a change in tax filing status. If you are unemployed and have little or no income, the court may impute your income and you’ll still have to make monthly child support payments.

If you are faced with having to make child support payments you’ll need the guidance of experienced, knowledgeable Michigan child support attorneys like the ones at the Law Offices of Rathi and Associates. We can help you every step of the way from filing for divorce to child custody arrangements and finally to calculating the amount of child support payment you will either receive or have to pay.

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