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Purchasing a commercial building requires the guidance of an experienced Michigan commercial building attorney as the transactions can be lengthy and complicated. The amounts of money changing hands can be very large, sometimes in the tens of millions of dollars. Whether you are the seller or the buyer of commercial real estate, rest assured the other party will be represented by a team of attorneys whose intent is to negotiate the best deal possible for their client. You need legal representation from the onset to ensure that your position is represented with zeal and integrity. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Rahti and Associates will be in your corner every step of the way providing you with the highest quality legal representation in your commercial building purchases.

Most commercial buildings are occupied by tenants with long-term leases. Each tenant will usually have negotiated different terms than the other. Other commercial properties might have only one tenant, and that tenant is going out of business. You may be buying an empty building. Other times a commercial building will be sold as part of a deal where it is part of the business that you are buying. Zoning and other factors need to be taken into consideration if your intention is to change the type of business from one to another. Another critical factor in the purchase will be the financing of your purchase. You may be buying into a partnership, purchasing corporate stock, assuming existing debts or in rare instances using straight bank financing.

Each type of commercial building purchase requires legal analysis by experienced Michigan commercial building purchase attorneys at The Law Offices of Rahti and Associates.

There are many different situations that you could present and the The Law Offices of Rahti and Associates is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of Michigan commercial real estate law. No matter what type of commercial building you are purchasing we will meet, consult and advise you. We will prepare all of the necessary documents and paperwork and file the necessary paperwork with the government. We will tailor each contract to the situation in order to make you purchase of Michigan commercial buildings a successful one.

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