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Many decisions rendered in civil court can be subject to appeal. The purpose of the appeals court is to review the court proceedings for errors in law. If a judge or a panel of judges find that an error of law indeed occurred that influenced the verdict, the court can overturn the decision against you. In a Southfield Michigan civil appeals case, you’ll need an experienced and compassionate advocate from the Law Office of Rathi and Associates, one that is knowledgeable in writing and filing briefs to present your case.

An appeals court is different from a trial court. Most people are familiar with the trial court where a judge oversees a jury and both a plaintiff and defendant put on their case calling witnesses and presenting testimony. In an appeals court, there is no jury, witnesses or testimony. Instead, written briefs are presented and court proceedings and trial transcripts are analysed for errors in the administration of the law.

A Judge or a Panel of Judges

Your appeal will be reviewed by a judge or a panel of up to three judges who will analyse the written briefs. Usually, a form is required to be completed depending on the nature of the appeal.

Written Briefs

The briefs we write outline and elaborate the reasons we think that the decision against you should be overturned.

Transcripts and Records of Court Proceedings

We will supply the appropriate sections of the court transcripts with our brief including our opinions of where the errors occurred and the relevant case law to support our claims.

While the appeals process is relatively straightforward, you’ll need a civil case appeals attorney who will be able to spot errors in the administration of the law as well as produce and file appeals in a professional and timely manner.

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