Received $208,000 settlement against Electric Utility Company in a fire case    Naturalization approved despite a criminal charge in last 5 years    Received $4 million in a Divorce settlement; other party received $2.5 million    Set aside a solicitation criminal charge    Approved over 20 marriage based Green Cards every month    Over 25 I-601A Unlawful Presence Waivers Approved    Bonded out clients from Immigration Court despite Criminal Convictions    Partnership Lawsuits resolved with an award of $1.25 millions    Received many approvals of "Removal of Condition (I-751)" despite Divorce

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  • Mr. Roger Rathi and his team handled my petition and my wife's application. Mr. Rathi is patient and explains the process well, and is very helpful explaining the process, the nomenclature, and what details are most important. Although nearly anyone *could* do it all themselves, I highly recommend getting a lawyer that will go to the interview. The lawyers show you are serious, and that you won't just give up if you get an initial denial, so they're much less likely to give you a denial unless they have solid basis, which is very rare.

    David S. Avatar David S.

    I started my process in late March 2018. The team is very professional and pollite. My process was completed last week. I am very satisfied with my process, all of my family has had outstanding results.

    Marissa H. Avatar Marissa H.

    I’m from Somalia, and my attorney Aaron well prepare made something never happen which is he convince the judge about my public record to wibe it off I was so happy when the judge grand the motions that was the best day of my life. So any one is trouble I would highly recommend to law firm , great attorneys and affordable pricing..

    beder d. Avatar beder d.

    Today I received my green card and i just want to say a big thank you to Roger and his team. They made sure i was taken care of every step of the way and that's what a good lawyer does. Thank you Rodger and the Legal quest team!

    Young M. Avatar Young M.

    I instructed Mr. Rathi of Legalquest Network for my Green Card status adjustment, and I believe I made the best decision. He seems to enjoy his work and he knows exactly what he's doing. Very helpful and professional throughout the process. He keeps you updated and is clear about what you need to do, and what is going on. If I could have given more than 5 stars I definitely would have.

    R S. Avatar R S.

    Attorney Roger Rathi has done a wonderful job and helped me a lot to get my Green Card, that too in very short span of time. He approached the matter in the right manner and successfully finished the job. He worked hard from the day one(when I handed over the case to him) to achieve the goal and won the same. He is very dedicated and hardworking person. I sincerely wish and pray for his success in all his endeavors. Thank you Sir.

    gowri r. Avatar gowri r.

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