Received $208,000 settlement against Electric Utility Company in a fire case    Naturalization approved despite a criminal charge in last 5 years    Received $4 million in a Divorce settlement; other party received $2.5 million    Set aside a solicitation criminal charge    Approved over 20 marriage based Green Cards every month    Over 25 I-601A Unlawful Presence Waivers Approved    Bonded out clients from Immigration Court despite Criminal Convictions    Partnership Lawsuits resolved with an award of $1.25 millions    Received many approvals of "Removal of Condition (I-751)" despite Divorce

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Roger was great! He helped us file our paperwork for my husbands green card. Since we were not local, and he couldn't make it to our interview, he spoke to us a few days before on the phone, that too after hours to accomodate our work schedules, to make sure we were prepared for the interview. We were approved on the spot. Highly recommend!!

Neha S. Avatar
Neha S.

Roger was very helpful and was kind and very easy to deal with. I could reach him at any time and he was very responsive. Most importantly he was honest. I would highly recommend him for any immigration or other legal issues anyone might have. Very professional.

Ozair A. Avatar
Ozair A.

I had an amazing experience with Mr. Rathi. He and his team is really dedicated for whatever case they take and help till the last point of the case. I always recommend him to all my friends and relatives.

Palki A. Avatar
Palki A.

I was totally blind sided by a criminal proceeding against me which had serious immigration implication. We were overwhelmed by our discussions with many attorneys in Detroit area until we finally found Legalquest. They were compassionate yet profession in their handling of the case. We got a very realistic assessment of potential outcomes their and implications from an immigration stand point. They also use technology to make communicating with them seamless. THIS TEAM WITHOUT A DOUBT KNOWS IT'S TRADE. I would trust them blind folded on criminal defense matters especially if you are not a citizen. Thank you Legalquest for helping me.

Rasom S. Avatar
Rasom S.

The entire legal quest team is very professional and most importantly prompt! They truly understand the gravity of the situation when it comes to immigrant visa processing and work as your best advocate. I would highly recommend Legal quest and would be very happy to associate with them in the future.

Shailesh N. Avatar
Shailesh N.

Roger is an excellent immigration attorney. He handled my immigration case and helped me to come out of the issue. He answered all my questions very patiently and professionally. I'm thankful to him forever.He help me for my Green card.

Highly recommend this law firm.

krishna P. Avatar
krishna P.

Roger truly is an amazing lawyer and person. He helped me receive my green card in a very timely manner , 5 months. During the whole time roger and his team would answer any questions I had. The day of the interview I was very nervous but roger was with us and reassured me that it would be okay. He is a very professional but also very likeable. I will always return to use roger for any legal needs. I am so grateful to him :) would recommend him a million times !

Megan M. Avatar
Megan M.

Roger is an excellent immigration attorney. He handled my immigration case and helped me to come out of the issue. He answered all my questions very patiently and professionally. I'm thankful to him forever.

Highly recommend this law firm.

Sneha P. Avatar
Sneha P.

Attorney Roger answered all my questions patiently and professionally. I have worked with other immigration attorney before and didn't have good experience. On the contrary, he is knowledge and had offered great service.

Xin C. Avatar
Xin C.

Nothing but BEST. You are in safe hands with RathiLaw firm. They are professional, courteous and most importantly know the trade and get the job done. Highly Recommend for your immigration needs

Srinivasan S. Avatar
Srinivasan S.

Best people to work with. Updated us on the status from time to time. Answered all our questions(emails) on time. We were very nervous at the time of interview but Roger sir did great job to calm us down with some funny conversations at the embassy, especially Math(subject i hate the most) but overall it was very pleasant experience working with Roger sir.

Thank you for all your help and guidance.

sagar n. Avatar
sagar n.

Professional, understanding, they know what they do.

Will patiently and carefully address all the queries.

Good service provided.

Humane touch to services.

Definitely recommended!!!

Aniket B. Avatar
Aniket B.

Absolutely the BEST.. Roger is an excellent immigration attorney! He successfully handled our case for my wife to come to the U.S. from the Philippines. The Legalquest team with their expert knowledge really helped my wife throughout the process. Roger is very kind and helpful, and always answers our questions and concerns about our case. To all of the Legalquest team, we are forever grateful for all you have done for our Family ! .

Edward R. Avatar
Edward R.

Mr. Rathi and his team helped me and my brothers citizenship applications both successful!

My brothers case was complicated and he needed an interview waiver, mine also had some issues which he and his team dealt with very professionally , very nominal fee structure too. In addition their online portal is excellent ... Highly recommended!

Ajay s. Avatar
Ajay s.

Mr. Rathi and his team helped me and my brothers citizenship applications both successful!

My brothers case was complicated and he needed an interview waiver, mine also had some issues which he and his team dealt with very professionally , very nominal fee structure too. Highly recommended!

Ajay s. Avatar
Ajay s.

Hi, I was helped by Mr. Rathi from Legalquest Network for my in-laws RFE response and he helped me with the best possible way. Also he gave me a very good advice and direction for my citizenship approach. Appreciate the consulting!

Mandar D. Avatar
Mandar D.

I like their service very much, they are very responsible and responsive. They solved my case so easily. It was very glad to work with their staff members especially Baljeet, he always answerable for any kind of questions.

Murty T. Avatar
Murty T.

I have worked with attorneys at Legalquest since 1998 for various business and immigration related issues. They have done the best for me, always communicating and setting realistic expectations. Today I got my citizenship much after USCIS first denying and then we won on the appeal. I highly highly recommend this law firm. 6-star.

raj p. Avatar
raj p.

Roger has helped us from the beginning. The moment we decided to use their services, they have been with us from visa to Citizenship. They have a great team and are very knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone looking for help with immigration.

Shane L. Avatar
Shane L.

We hired Roger Rathi for immigration case, he was very transparent to us and answered all our queries & doubt every single time we approached him. We definitely recommend Legalquest for all immigration based cases. Thanks Roger and Baljit Singh for exceptional services.

Hanspal K. Avatar
Hanspal K.

We had Roger to process a green card. Despite the time constraint we had, it was successful without any problem. His team was always on top of critical dates of the case, and acted quickly, so the time management was so efficient. It was the first time requesting Roger and his team a case. We are pleased with their service, and we will continue to have them for our future cases. I strongly recommend Legalquest.

Justin J. Avatar
Justin J.

I am HIGHLY impressed and COMPLETELY satisfied with the services of Legalquest Network. Without any doubt in my mind, I highly recommend this law firm to everyone including my family members and friends - that may need their services.

I have been a client of Rathi Law Firm for several years and have been represented by this noble law firm in various facets of my legal challenges particularly immigration issues and have no single regret.

Attorney Roger Rathi in particular is a complete and down-to-earth gentleman, very detailed and ever-ready professional, willing to fight all the way for his clients providing every possible solution.

I had been with several other immigration attorneys and have finally settled down under the able hands of Legalquest Network.

Belief me, if they fought for me, they will surely fight for you. Therefore, do not hesitate to give them a call for all your legal matters in their practice areas, surely, you'll be glad you did.

As for me and my family, Legalquest Network have my five star rating.

Godwin E. Avatar
Godwin E.

Mr. Roger Rathi is indeed a great immigration lawyer and very friendly too. I'm eternally grateful for his service as he helped me get through the Naturalization process. He always responded my emails and questions very promptly. I am very glad I chose Mr. Rathi as my lawyer and highly recommend to use his professional services if you need help in your immigration process. Thank you once again, Mr. Rathi for all your help.

Beena P. Avatar
Beena P.

Helped My Entire Family - Attorney Roger Rathi and his team has helped my entire family in obtaining immigration for last 5 to 6 years. He is always very kind and answered our questions. We received green card, naturalization and also DACA approvals through his office. We recommend this law firm to anyone needing help. He also answered questions outside of immigration area.

Syed H. Avatar
Syed H.

Atty. Rathi and his able team have been of the utmost help to me in my immigration journey. With my case being stuck in the system for upwards of four years, I contracted Legalquest Network, P.C. to file a lawsuit to get the case going. Within 2 months I had been scheduled for an interview, and after a further six weeks, my case was successfully concluded. This was actually my third experience working with Legalquest. I have nothing but praise and appreciation for the diligence with which they have handled my cases, and the 100 percent success rate I have had with them. The staff is friendly, courteous and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure a successful outcome. I would unreservedly recommend Atty. Rathi and his team for legal assistance of any complexity that prospective clients may have.

Steven A. Avatar
Steven A.

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