• Appointment / Questions

    • If you have a question or need an appointment
      1. You can call us at our main number (248) 663-1000 or one of the above numbers. Your first Inquiry by phone call is generally Free.
      2. You can set up an in-office appointment. Such initial consultations are for 45 minutes. We charge $30 (pre-paid). Click here to pay. These fees are non-refundable. Restrictions apply. See below. Please fill out our INTAKE FORM and submit us in advance, or print and bring it to your appointment.
      3. You can use the form below and send your question. Generally such inquiries are answered within one business day by an attorney. Based on the complicity of your case, the attorney may ask you to make an in-office appointment.
  1. Case Review, $250
    1. If you want review of your case during the meeting with the attorney, please bring all relevant documents in an organized fashion.  There is a charge of $250 to review a file during the meeting.  You are encouraged to send up to 15 pages via e-mail in advance.  The attorney will quote you any additional fee if more research, follow up or information is needed.
  2. Payment Plan Information
    1. We allow payment plans for clients with acceptable credit and upon proof of current job information. We may run a credit check. The payment option and monthly payment amount are negotiable. There is a minimum down payment of $500 to $1,000 for cases with likely attorney fees of $2,500 or less. Many cases have $300 per month payment plan.Criminal, Deportation, or Divorce cases generally require higher down payment. A payment plan structure is negotiated during at the time of hiring. Payment plans are set such that you are paid off by the time your case ends. Thus, cases with shorter likely term require higher down payment. Talk to us during your initial meeting. We will set some links.
  3. Restrictions
    1. If you already have an attorney, or are meeting us for a second opinion, there is a fee of $250 for your appointment. The attorney will quote you any additional fee if more research, follow up or information is needed.